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Become a member of the International Rope Skipping Organization (IRSO) and enjoy exclusive benefits, including access to training resources, and the opportunity to connect with other rope skippers from around the world.

Membership Benefits:

  • Access to exclusive training resources, including videos, tutorials, and training plans
  • Opportunities to connect and network with other rope skippers from around the world
  • Access to the latest news and updates on the sport of rope skipping

IRSO offers five categories of membership to support the development and promotion of the sport of jump rope.

Founding member

National federations which founded the IRSO and the National federations became one of the IRSO associate members before 2025.

Full members

National governing bodies of jump rope recognized by national sport authority or national Olympic Committees.

Associate members

National jump rope associations that offer or promote “the sport of jump rope”

Observational members

Jump rope team, clubs, associations operating at national, provincial, regional or equivalent level that offer or promote “the sport of jump rope” academic institutions, public institutions, businesses.

Individual member

Individuals who are interested in participating in the sport of rope skipping / jump rope and the activities of the IRSO may become individual members.

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