Asia and Pacific Lions Cup Jump Rope Championship2023

Registration Information :

Date: April to May

Submission Deadline: 21 May 2023 (12 pm HKT)

Late submission / further amendment will NOT be accepted.

Enrollment and Submission Requirements

3.1 The competition is conducted in the form of video.

3.2 Athletes may submit the competition enrollment video through online

registration form stated below:

3.2.1 Single Rope Speed Sprint:

3.2.2 Single Rope Individual Freestyle:

3.3 Each body part of the athlete and the rope must be clearly shown in the video

3.4 Video must be shot vertically.

3.5 The soundtrack must be clearly heard in the film.

3.5.1 The soundtrack of the competition can be downloaded from the link


3.5.2 Single Rope Speed Sprint:


3.5.3 Single Rope Individual Freestyle:


3.6 Any post-production of the video submission is prohibited (playback video,acceleration, deceleration, dubbing, etc.)